Commodore 64

Hooper is a single screen game where you control Hooper himself as you try to fill in all the various size squares on a grid over various levels. To fill a square, depending on the level, you either have to collect all the dots or place dots on the lines making up the squares. Once all the lines around a square have gone or filled then the square is filled. As you move around the grid, there are various creatures moving too and these must be avoided or you lose one of three lives. You do have a limited amount of jumps and when used, this makes the creature you are near, jump so you can get away. Once all the squares are filled then you move to a bonus screen where there is an item at the bottom of various lines and Hooper moves at the top very fast. Pressing the fire button stops Hooper and he moves down the lines in a random fashion and if you get the item then you receive bonus points. You then move to the next level and attempt to fill in the squares again. Before you start the game you can select a skill level (1-8).


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