Hope to Hopp 2
Commodore 64

Hope to Hopp II is a small platformer of just 5120 Bytes that was developed for the 5KByter section of the German “64’er” magazine. In the sequel to Hope to Hopp (1993) the player guides the little hero through 21 levels, avoiding water holes, dangerous chasms and four types of enemies: flying cannonballs, floating ghosts, crawling pigs and jumping octopuses. The little guy can run left and right and he can jump, but as he has no weapons or power-ups, he should avoid the bunch of enemies who try to knock him down. When he gets hit or misses the platforms he loses one of his eight lives. Once he lost them all, he has to start all over again. The game is a one-direction side-scroller that scrolls forward by itself at a steady rate so the player has to be on his toes to make the jumps in time. With the levels getting longer and the platform placement getting trickier, the degree of difficulty increases. However, when the character’s colour changes to cyan the level ending is near. He can then run to the right to exit the level and proceed to the next. Published in 64’er 1996/03, and also in 64’er 2000/02


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