Hopper Copper
Commodore 64

The once quiet town of Grove Town now has a crime problem with four dangerous criminals running around the town committing crimes. This is a job for yourself as the local policeman but you have a problem, all the vehicles have been hidden by the criminals and all that is left is a Space Hopper to bounce around town and catch them all within a time limit. The game is viewed from the side as you move either left or right along the streets with the screen scrolling as you move. There are various street openings shown by a map of the street above the playing area. You are also able to see any criminals on the same street. At the bottom of the screen is a location of a crime and you can also see your location and a clock ticking down. You move about the streets in search of the criminals and if you find one then you bounce on top of him. Three of the four criminals are armed which are a club, tacks and a gun. Get hit by the gun and the tacks and you lose one of three lives. The club will just stun you and lose you valuable time.


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