Hoverbod is an action puzzle game where the player controls a yellow spherical droid who has to retrieve some stolen treasure from the bad guy Barriuss Stearneruss. The game is played from a side view perspective and initially the player is limited to rolling the sphere left and right. However by picking up a collectable the ability to hover in the air is granted. There are two different hover collectables which decide how high the sphere can move vertically. Another collectable is the missile which allows the sphere to shoot monsters and blast through blocks. Some missile collectables only make it possible to shoot in one direction and a second one has to be collected to be able to shoot both left and right. The monsters are called Ibbles and Squibbles and will kill the sphere on contact. Other dangers include spikes but these can be reversed by picking up the right collectable. Oxygen is limited and a level has to be completed before it runs out although more can be collected.

The game contains eight levels where the objective is to collect all diamonds. Upon the completion of one a password is given which allows the player to start on the next one. After all eight levels have been completed the game moves on to a final level called the Castle of Gribb. The objective there is to collect 500 feathers that are needed to build two giant wings used to fly home. In the castle there is a new enemy type, the Gribbles, who grow and multiply uncontrollably.


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