Hunter X Hunter: Sorezore no Ketsui
Wonderswan Color

The “determinations” that became adventures are four stories from the perspective of Gon & Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka, set in the back hunter test. In addition, you can experience newl stories that were not told in the original.

Combat is a new sensation battle that incorporates the concept of justice. Powerful battles such as “Clap Jail” of Kurapika and “Bungee Gum” of Hisoka will be held. You can also enjoy bargaining such as where to use your mind!

In addition, Cyber ​​Mobile, which was popular in the previous work, has been powered up! Since the “keywords” that appear in the story are registered more and more, you can use it as your own Hunter X Hunter dictionary.


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