Ibix The Viking

Ibix the Viking is an Action Adventure game, developed and published by Minerva, which was released in Europe in 1990

The player has to collect all the treasure (crowns, coins and chests) in each level. As the titular viking the player can walk around the levels and jump both upwards and straight forward. Some enemies will be in the way and these can usually be dealt with by throwing daggers. There are also various hazards to watch out for like falling boulders and collapsing bridges. Daggers are limited in supply but more can be collected throughout the levels. There are also other collectibles that are needed to progress such as keys to open doors.

The game contains two sets of level, one easy and one hard, and each is made up of eight levels. The easy levels can be played in any order while in the hard levels a password is required to skip to later levels. In addition to the sixteen levels included in the game there is also an editor that allow the player to create new levels as well as new scenery or to modify the existing levels.


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