Inertia is a Marble Madness clone, written by D. Postlethwaite. The aim of Inertia is seemingly quite simple. You must guide your craft over all of the shaded tiles whilst avoiding falling off the landscape. The landscape is made up of a very large number of 3 dimensional varied screens. However, as you progress, the going will get very tough. A good memory and/or mapping will certainly be needed. Various icons along the top of the screen depict the sound status, which craft is in play, pause on/off, and the current direction of the controls (normal/reversed). The two vertical bars at the sides of the playing area slowly fill up, first the left, then the right. If a shaded tile has not been collected before the time elapses then you will lose a life. The timer is reset each time a tile is collected. The panel to the lower left of the playing area shows the number of lives remaining. A life is gained for each tile collected, and a maximum of 12 lives is allowed. The panel to the lower right of the screen gives an indication of the number of tiles left to be collected. Your current score is shown above this. You score five points for each tile collected and you lose three points for each life lost. When you lose a life you continue the game at the place where you last collected a shaded tile or sometimes at the last but one.


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