International Golf

International Golf is a golf game played from a top down perspective. It features two eighteen hole courses: Riviera Country Club and Sterling Shores. There are three different game types: practice, tournament and head to head. The practice mode can be used for training on the drive or putting or play an eighteen hole course against up to three other human players. The tournament mode consists of a total of 65 golfers and is played over up to four rounds. Up to four of the golfers can be controlled by humans, the rest are computer controlled. The head to head mode is played by one human versus one computer player.

The game is played with mouse control and all actions are accessed through menu gadgets. The functionality available from these include choosing from different clubs (fourteen in total; woods, irons, wedges and a putter), setting direction, setting power, picking a shot type (chip, normal or punch), viewing the green, and finally hitting the ball. Upon clicking on the hit button a swing-o-meter appears, showing a marker going back and forth. By clicking, the marker stops and if it’s then to the left of the centre the ball will hook, if it is to the right it will slice. Once the player has managed to reach the green the gadgets will be replaced with three others that control putting: display gradient markers, set directions and hit ball.


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