Inuyasha: Fuuun Emaki
Wonderswan Color

In the previous game “Kagome no Sengoku Nikki”, the game was played from the viewpoint of Kagome. This time you can play the game from the perspective of Maitreya, Samurai, Cloisonne, Steel Fang, Naraku, and Seiseimaru. For example, even in the same scene, it is possible to play from the viewpoint of Kagome the first time, the second time from the viewpoint of Inuyasha, and the third time from the viewpoint of Seiseimaru.

Furthermore, the battle scene of this work is action. A support system has also been added, so you can experience the powerful battle of Inuyasha. In addition, an original character newly created by the original author, Rumiko Takahashi, will also appear!


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