Inuyasha: Kagome no Yume Nikki
Wonderswan Color

The third Inuyasha game Kagome no Yume Nikki is a sequel to the first Kagome no Sengoku Nikki. As you can see from the word “Yume” in the title, “Dream” is an important factor in this “Dream Diary”.

The basic system of the game is the same as Sengoku Nikki, and the story is advanced while repeating the “contact part” and “adventure part”, but this time a “dream event” occurs at the end of the day.

In “Dream Event”, you can see situations that cannot be seen in anime and manga, as well as modern events that were requested in the previous work. This time, the enemy is also named after the dream. The enemy this time is an original character called Yakumo, a half-witch who manipulates dreams, and a battle in the dream world will be unfolded.

The game has a lot of original scenes, and the total number of events is 2.5 times higher than the previous work Sengoku Nikki.


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