Amstrad CPC

Brodie, Amity Police Prefect, has a mission to rid the waters of Shark Island Jaws. He managed to persuade Quinn, a fisherman from the area, and Hooper, an expert in oceanography, to help him. Hooper arrived with three highly qualified divers who will help with the transportation and installation of the equipment.
Unfortunately, the boat carrying the equipment and weapons needed to kill Jaws, struck a reef off the island and sank. All the material is now at the bottom of the ocean in the caves, infested with horrible creatures, dug under the reef and the six members of the Brodie team must first find the four sections of the rifle and the special bullets that will exterminate Jaws.
When they have reached it, one of them will have to try to destroy Jaws, using the deadly weapon reconstituted from the spare parts found at the bottom of the ocean.


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