Jetsons: The Computer Game

The definition of a game as defined in the Oxford dictionary is ‘1. an amusement or pastime’ or ‘2. a contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chance’. Bearing these in mind one wonders whatever possessed the Hi-Tec peeps to release this with the word ‘game’ anywhere on the disk or packaging. Fair enough it does pass the time, but then so does a party political broadcast. This, not to put too fine a point on it, is pretty tedious stuff indeed.

Initial impressions are more favourable, however. You can’t deny The Jetsons looks pretty much like you’d expect Hanna-Barbera’s family of second- string cartoon characters to look, but decent-enough- cartoony-graphics is about as far as its list of good points goes. To be honest, the list of bad points is equally short – there’s no gameplay to speak of here at all. All that happens is, one after another, members of our 1950s-style space family explore a boring space-age maze, dodging dull traps and picking up the odd even-more-boring collectables. Obviously Hi-Tec thought that the graphics and animation were ample to sell this as a ‘game’ and, indeed, I dare say they’ll sell quite a few on the name alone. Don’t let one of them be you – not least because they’ve got the cheek to charge a distinctly un-budget thirteen quid for it.


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