Judgement Silversword: Rebirth Edition
Wonderswan Color

In your space fighter, the S-AIXAK, you’ll be going up against the minions of the Judgement Silversword. Starting from a small space station above the earth your lone fighter will travail the bullet filled cosmos, always a shot away from death, to achieve this goal.

Judgement Silversword is a vertically scrolling shooter in which wave upon wave of multifarious of opposing craft will try to take you down with bullets, bombs, lasers, or even their own fuselages. Using the Y-Buttons as a directional pad and the X-Buttons for your weaponry you’ll try your hand at completing the S-AIXAKs destiny.

You’ll have three weapons at your disposal, spread cannon, concentrated cannon, and your energy shield. The spread cannon will fire an arch of bullet out before you, while a concentrated will fire only directly before you. Your energy shield can be used to absorb incoming shot, however, your back and sides will remain vulnerable. The shield can also be used to damage enemies by ramming them with it. As you use it the shield will run out of energy and need to be recharged.

The game has thirty different areas each comprised of about ten sub areas. Scores are awarded based on kill ratio and completion time. New modes and easter eggs will be unlocked as you obtain higher scores.


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