Amstrad CPC

All pilots dream of flying in one of these complex fighter-bombers with unique performances.Here is your chance to achieve what very few pilots have had the privilege of doing.According to your skill, your confidence and your courage, you can either stay close to the launch pad, learn to hover, or venture higher to perfect your approaches.When you consider that you have mastered these maneuvers, speed up the Jump Jet which then becomes an attack hunter.Use the radar / range finder to detect and destroy the enemy using infrared air / air missiles.Caution! The radar and missiles of the enemy have the same performance as yours. pursuit at all goes is also discouraged.You need to keep enough fuel to find and land on the aircraft carrier by taking advantage of the technique you learned to make a successful landing. You are now ready to move to the higher skill stage which includes additional difficulties such as an unpredictable swell and bad crosswinds. We must warn you that this program is not quite a toy or a game: to successfully complete each mission, you will have to learn how to coordinate your hands, eyes and your reactions.Do not expect to succeed in a few minutes which has taken three years of training to the author, who is a former HARRIER pilot, and over a year to the development of this program.


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