Justice League Task Force 2

A spiritual successor in graphics and gameplay to the 16-bit Justice League Task Force from the SNES and Genesis era, this fan-made sequel adds more characters, more costumes and more fun.

The game was created by ZVitor, a veteran MUGEN developer responsible for several fan-favorites, and is a spin-off of his earlier project, Justice League vs. Street Fighter. There’s a mix of 25 playable good guys and bad guys from the DC universe, with lots of variety in the backgrounds and stages. The game is easy to pick up and play with a move list shown before each fight, while requiring some practice to master the combo system and special moves.

The original game from 1995 was notorious for bad control, choppy animations and a limited number of abilities. Justice League Task Force 2 corrects many of those flaws and brings new life to an old classic that never was.


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