Jyanshin Densetsu: Quest of Jongmaster

Quest of Jongmaster is a mahjong game with role-playing elements. The “RPG mode” follows the story of an apprentice “mahjong warrior”, a girl named Chi Fou, who is sent on a quest to defeat monsters that were unleashed on the world. This mode is structured like a traditional medieval top-down RPG, with town and dungeon exploration, NPC interaction, and other familiar elements. The protagonist can equip weapons and armor, cast magic, and purchase healing and status-recovering items. Experience points and money are awarded after each battle.

Random and boss battles in this mode are standard mahjong games, with the addition of special tiles that influence the game’s result, e.g. increase the damage inflicted by the equipped weapon. The final damage is calculated after the mahjong game is over, and depends on the characters’ levels, equipment, and the winning combination. For example, winning the game with a full mahjong would most likely result in a “critical hit”. Boss enemies typically take two or more rounds of mahjong to defeat.

In addition, the game features a versus mode, which allows the player to compete in mahjong games against the opponents of the RPG mode, with weapons, equipment, and level parameters playing no role. These opponents appear as monsters at first, but are revealed to be pretty young women who remove parts of their clothes when losing a mahjong round; stripping down to underwear equals defeat. Despite this feature, there is no explicit nudity in the game.


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