Kabul Spy
Apple II

Kabul Spy is a color graphic adventure game where the player must type VERB NOUN commands. The game has a save/restore feature that allows you to return to your game. The player gains points by solving puzzles, to a maximum of 700 points. The player can lose points through various non-fatal mistakes including shooting innocents. When the player makes a fatal mistake, they receive a score which shows how much of the game they have completed.

You are a Western agent, whose goal is to rescue Professor Paul Eisenstadt from Afghanistan, where he is being held hostage by the KGB. You start in an airport in Pakistan and must move towards Bahawalpur, Pakistan, and then towards the Afghanistan border near the town of Quetta. There, you meet with Hisrin, who smuggles you across the border into Afghanistan, where you then proceed to the town of Kandahar. You must eventually travel through the Afghani wilderness to a prison outside of Kabul. Here, you find the professor, and must bring him to an airport outside of Kabul. You force your way into the airport, and abscond with a MiG jet, flying yourself and the professor to safety.


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