Kick Rider

A road-race game where the view is from above. You control a motorbike with opponents on motorcycles who jostle you with their legs, and the occasional car. Played against the clock with points for passing.

The initial stages of the game are played with a view from above your motorbike, looking down onto the road. Other motorbikes line up with you for a “traffic light” start. Once under way, they jostle you with their legs, and you can jostle back by pressing the button and left or right. With no bikes by your side, you can gain a bit more speed. There are occasional constrictions on left and right, and central islands. There are no sharp corners! Occasionally a car appears in front of you leaving bombs in its wake. You crash if you hit a bomb, hit the car, or hit any area off the road. If you crash, you lose time. The game is played against the clock, with bonus points decreasing as you play. Towards the goal, the view switches to above and behind your motor-bike, looking further ahead than before towards a city in the distance. There are traffic cones to avoid if you can. After every three levels there is an intermission screen where a bonus is awarded for each vehicle you passed.


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