Kinnikuman II-Sei: Choujin Seisenshi
Wonderswan Color

Kinnikuman II-Sei: Choujin Seisenshi is an RPG game based in the Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle series, although the plot of the game bears no relation to any of the original series’ sagas. Here you will take the role of an anonymous guy -created specially for this game- named “The Mask” (although you can change his name for one of your choice) and will have to defeat all the characters of the Kinnikuman universe that appear in your way.

You will move thorough the world by means of menus and world maps which ask you what you want to do next (that is, you don’t see a miniature of your character moving around the locations, just pictures and text), until you find someone to fight with. During fights you see static images of the two fighters, and after every hit you will see how many energy units both personages have lost. The list of actions you can execute during a fight range from “hit”, “throwing”, “guard” to all the special movements (which will show a full screen image of the attack executed). Once you finish a fight (which you won), you will see how much your fighting skills have grown. There’s a total of 63 fighters in the game.


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