Konek-Gorbunok © 1988 Terminal.

The player controls a boy named Ivan, a peasant’s son and his magic steed (Humpbacked Horse) to carry out the many unreasonable demands entrusted by the Tsar. During his adventure he will have to avoid various obstacles and hazards on the level and use your weapon and must try to capture the beautiful magic firebird for the Tsar, to keep his magic horse, and find his love of beautiful Tsar-Maid (Princess) to live happily ever after.

The title of this game translates from Russian as ‘Little Humped Horse’.

The game is based on the Russian fairy tale with the same title, written by Peter Pavlovich Ershov.

There is no level 15. Each screen has its own tilemap and code. There is a tilemap for level 15 but there’s not any code for this.


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