Kurukuru Fever

Kurukuru fever is a Japanese exclusive arcade game released on the SETA Aleck64 hardware. The final build date is July 18th, 2003, so it released late in the year. In 2015 it was hacked to be playable on Nintendo 64 using flash cartridges.

The game is a falling block puzzle game with many ideas taken from Puyo Puyo. Fruit blocks fall in pairs of 2 and matching 4 of a kind causes them to disappear. Each animal has a favorite fruit which is shown as a blue block, and matching their favorite food will flip the board upside down. After that all the pieces will fall and it will only take 3 of a kind to match, then the board will flip again and it will only take 2 of a kind. At each end of combo’s it resets back to 4 of a kind.

A combo of 4 or higher will cause a fever clearing the players board and sending tons of trash cans to the other side, but much like Puyo the other player can fight to reduce the garbage before it falls.

There is a story mode with 9 stages and a challenge mode which is just endless play with 4 speed settings.


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