Le Mans

Released in August 1976.

Another in a long line of original Atari black and white driving games. Le Mans continues the winning racing and profit tradition of Team Atari, like its famous forebears: “Gran Trak 10”, “Indy 800”, “Indy 4”.

Le Mans challenges player speed and skill with 10 different tracks. Players race against the clock on each track as it appears in sequence. After the car passes the finish line of one track, a new one appears automatically, more difficult than the one before. The first track is a snap. The second, a little more difficult. etc… The more skilled the driver, the more tracks will be completed within the gam’s time limit. And oil slicks don’t make it any easier. 10 points are scored for each completed track. If a player finishes the first 6 tracks, two of four possible mystery courses will appear randomly to add further excitement and challenge.


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