Legend of the Amazon Women
ZX Spectrum

You are Lady Wilde and you have survived a plane crash with no other survivors deep in the Amazon jungle, and to make matters worse your baby daughter Penelope is missing. There is a legend that a tribe of Amazon women live in this area of the jungle and so you have come to the conclusion that they have taken your baby and you want her back. Picking up a club you start to walk along a path that will hopefully reunite you with Penelope.

Legend of the Amazon Women is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that sees you take the role of Lady Wilde and you must walk from left to right over various sections to get your baby back. As you walk through the jungle you will encounter various Amazon women with clubs who will try to kill you, but with your club you can fight back with various moves. You and your opponent both have health bars and when either of you take a hit then this decreases, and if your opponents empties then you have defeated her and you keep walking until you encounter another opponent. If yours empties then you lose one of three lives and when all lives are gone then it is game over. As you both fight, arrows fly across the screen at various heights and must be avoided or you lose part of your health.

As well as the main playing area you also have a scanner that shows you approaching Amazon women as well as any arrows approaching as well. You also have a timer which counts down to zero and you must reach certain points within the time or you lose a life. As you explore deeper into the jungle the level of skill for your opponents rises and they have improved weapons like axes or sword but if you defeat these women then you can pick up the weapon they have dropped.


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