ZX Spectrum

An intriguing game in whcih you help hoares of mindless but delightful creatures – known as Lemmings – to escape hostile environments in over 100 play levels.

Lemmings drop through a trapdoor in each level and, as they are creatures of very little brain, they need all the help they can get to survive the dangers that lie within.

Lemmigns are very cute but also very dumb. They will mindlessly walk off cliffs, into water, hazards and traps or they will mill around bumping into walls or other obstacles unless you help them get their act together. You can assist them by giving them certain skills and powers that will help them get through each level of the game. Once you have asigned skills (shown as icons on the bottom of the screen in each level) to certain Lemmings they can use those skills to help them and their fellow Lemmings cope with the dangers that surround them. Each level of the game is an increasingly difficult enviroments that the Lemmings must navigate. At each level, you have a different number of skills available for assignment; you have different times available for mastering that level and you have varing numbers of Lemmings you must save to complate that particular level.

A quick brain, the ability to plan ahead and lifetime’s dedication to the Save A Lemming Campaign are required to get the right Lemming to perform the right action at the right time. A forgotten Blocker, a rogue Miner or a misplaced bridge could spell disaster for every Lemming on screen.


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