Lodoss-Tō Senki II: Goshiki no Maryuu
Sharp X68000

Goshiki no Maryū is a follow-up to Haiiro no Majo and is set in the Lodoss War universe in the 6th century NRC (New Royal Calendar), about a decade after the War of Heroes ended with a dramatic battle between two former companions, King Fahn of Valis and Emperor Beld of Marmo. An era of relative peace and stability followed, which soon was disrupted by armed conflicts between different countries and internal turmoil on Marmo.

Like its predecessor, the game is a Western-style role-playing game, its Japanese origins and anime aesthetics notwithstanding. Visually and gameplay-wise, it is very similar to the previous game. The player creates a party of heroes (up to six active characters), selecting between four races and seven classes. The party is then free to explore much of the continent in a non-linear fashion, visiting towns and exploring pseudo-3D first-person maze-like dungeons. Combat engine is identical to that of the preceding game. Compared to the first game there is a larger overworld, more dungeons, more guilds and sub-quests, as well as several NPCs for hire in the first town.


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