Los Angeles SWAT
Amstrad CPC

The streets of Los Angeles are not safe. Lately, the kids are sick and tired of parents ordering them about and telling them what to do, so they decide to go out on the streets and threaten to club every policeman who gets in their way, making the streets not safe for the public, not even for little old ladies who decide to take a walk on a sunny day.

The bad news is: you’re a police officer patrolling the streets, and you have two other police officers at your side. Your job is to shoot the little troublemakers that approach you. These troublemakers are harmless at a distance, but they are known to throw fire bombs at a few policemen. When you are killed by one of the troublemakers, one of the policemen replaces you as the one who gets to control the streets. If there is no policemen left, the game is over.

There are also turret guns located on top of buildings that fire, so you just can’t stay on the footpath and hope not to get clobbered by the troublemakers. You just have to cross the road which is dangerous for a policeman in situations like this. When you come to the intersection, you’ll come face-to-face with a gang, and you must shoot each gang member before they have a chance to leave you for dead. Once you’ve shoot all remaining gang members, a man appears holding a woman hostage. The object here is to shoot the man to free her. If you shoot the woman instead, you’ll sacrifice 1000 points.

Your score increases when you walk, but score more points if you manage to shoot a troublemaker. You’ll lose 100 points for killing a lady walking down the footpath.


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