Lost Eden

On another Earth, in another time, where dinosaurs speak and the air is charged with magic, the old ways have broken down. Where once was harmony, now are slavery and war. You must learn what’s forgotten and unite the creatures of our continents against a tyrannical tyrannosaur and his carnivorous army. One chance stands between Eden and extinction: You must learn the secrets of the citadels.

-An adventure/strategy game in a world never before imagined.
-Explore seven types of 3-D terrain, lush, surreal and beautifully rendered.
-Meet more than 12 species of talking dinosaurs.
-Get a pterodactyl’s-eye view in texture-mapped traveling sequences.
-More than an hour of digitized speech.
-60 minutes of exotic original music in CD quality sound.
-Ultra-intuitive interface.
-Sophisticated cinematics, breathtaking graphics.
-From Cryo Interactive Entertainment, the creators of Dune PC CD-ROM.


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