Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

Ai Sareruyori Ai Shitai: The House of the Dead EX (愛されるより愛シタイ), also known in Europe as Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, is a spinoff to the House of the Dead series released by Sega. It was released exclusively to Japanese arcades in 2009. The game concerns a young zombie couple, Zobio and Zobiko, who seek to escape from captivity.

Each stage consists of minigames which utilize the cabinet’s light guns (e.g. shooting apples) and foot pedals (e.g. stomping spiders). Players go through the stages by choosing between two or three pairs of minigames before fighting a boss at the end. The goal of each minigame is to fulfill a quota within the time limit. Failure to do so costs a life.

EX runs on the Sega Lindbergh, the same arcade board which runs The House of the Dead 4. The game was slated for release in December 2008, but was delayed, and released later in 2009. The game has never received releases outside of Japan; however, the English language version on the BIOS of the ROM can be selected, in addition to the original Japanese language.


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