Lunar Rescue

Lunar Rescue is an arcade game where the player has to evacuate stranded astronauts from the moon. It involves gameplay elements from Lunar Lander and shoot ’em ups. The game starts with the player being positioned in a mothership that moves back and forth across the top of the screen. At the bottom are three platforms that are located on the surface of the moon and in between are asteroids that move horizontally across the screen. With the press of a button the player’s rescue ship is dropped from the mothership and from there the player has to steer it left and right to avoid colliding with asteroids and successfully land on a platform. To slow the descent thrust can be used but it uses fuel which is only available in a limited supply. Once landed one of six astronaut will board the ship.

Once the ship has been boarded by an astronaut it’s time to take off and return to the mothership. The asteroids are then replaced by flying saucers that attempt to stop the player’s ascent. The player then has to avoid crashing into them or the bombs that they drop. To his help he has a gun to shoot them with. Once getting through the swarm of saucers the player has to dock with the mothership. If the bay opening of it is missed the ship will explode and the astronaut will fall back down to the surface and die. When all six astronauts have been rescued (or killed) the game moves on to the next level.


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