Man at Arms

This is a scrolling maze game set in medieval times. The object of the game is to take over each of the four castles, which are spread over four levels. Once a castle is taken the level is complete and you move on to the next one. A castle is taken by achieving a certain number of points. These points are gained by killing enemies and collecting treasure. You are also against the clock, so when your time runs out you will lose a life.

You can move left, right, up and down and also have a sword at your disposal to get rid of any enemies who get in the way.
This sword is also used to remove certain parts of the scenery in order to progress further into the level. However this is limited so make sure you use the sword to destroy the correct parts of the landscape otherwise you will have to start again. Potions are also available which can make you invincible for a short period of time.

There are many objects that you will encounter during the game. These all have different characteristics and you need to understand how they behave in order to deal with them. For example, stone boulders will fall downwards if unsupported. Wood panels when pushed will fall downwards providing what is beneath isn’t solid otherwise they won’t go anywhere. Hourglasses provide valuable extra time. Thorns will grow and block off areas so you need to stop them from doing so. There are lots of other objects on the levels which will help or hinder your progress.


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