Marble Madness Deluxe Edition
Amstrad CPC

The object of the game is to guide your marble to the bottom of each of thirty screens as quickly as possible. Extra points can be obtained by passing over jumping “bonus” numbers on some screens. You must avoid anything else on the screen which moves, and naturally avoid falling into holes or off the paths. It is possible to travel up screens – even up steep ramps, but it is not possible to pass from say screen 2 back to screen 1. Your marble will bounce off the edges of the screen, except when it gets to the bottom, where it will advance you to the next screen. The game is played within a time limit, displayed on each screen, which increases if you complete a screen quickly. When this time limit is reached, the program will return to the options menu where your score and the current high score are displayed. When you have completed all the screens, or if you find them too hard, turn the tape over and load the Construction Set on side B of the tape. This allows you to design your own screens, which can be as difficult as you like.


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