Mario’s Open Golf

Mario Open Golf was one of the titles released on Nintendo’s arcade machine, the PlayChoice-10. Each machine had a mix of ten different NES games to choose from. For each token, players would be given a fixed amount of time to play any of the ten games on the PlayChoice-10. The dual-screen cabinet gave instructions on the top-screen, while the lower screen was used to show the actual game. The typical amount of time per token was 300 seconds, of which the player could switch in and out of different games if they so desired. The arcade machine’s main circuit board had the ability to plug-in 10 different games, similar to the circuit board of an NES cartridge. PlayChoice games varied slightly from their original NES counterparts, as additional circuitry was needed to allow the game to run on the arcade machine.

Mario Open Golf for the PlayChoice-10 was most similar to that of NES Open Tournament Golf, more so than Mario Open Golf for the Famicom. There were some differences from NES Open, however, such as no tournament mode in Mario Open Golf. The PlayChoice-10 also featured the original Golf video game for the NES as one of the games in its library. It was also released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on July 5, 2012, and the Nintendo Switch Online service on October 10, 2018.


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