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MASK is game based on a popular animated TV series of the mid 1980’s. In addition to the TV series, entitled M.A.S.K., an acronymn for Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, there was also a series of books, authored by Kenneth Harper and illustrated by Bruce Hogarth, and comics. A new line of toys was produced to accompany each TV series.

The stories all centre around the M.A.S.K. organisation led by the fearless Matt Tracker. M.A.S.K. agents wear helmets or masks to protect their identities and to give them super powers which help in their fight against the criminal V.E.N.O.M. organisation. They drive super powered vehicles which can transform.
V.E.N.O.M., aka the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem, are the bad guys. They are by Miles Mayhem one time friend of Matt and co-founder of MASK who betrayed Matt long ago.

There are four areas to the game and in all Matt must drive his Thunderhawk vehicle around the game area, avoiding V.E.N.O.M.’s armoured vehicles and tanks while accomplishing tasks in a specific order.
In area 1 : Boulder Hill, his first task is to recover his own mask and later an abducted agent. However it’s not just a case of driving around until the agent is found. Matt must first and collect a scanner which will direct him the missing agent (who will be hidden). However the agent cannot be picked up until his mask has been collected and the scanner will not function until the four pieces of the security key have been collected and assembled. Items, including bombs, are collected by driving over them. Bombs are Matt’s only weapon against V.E.N.O.M.’s tanks and, as bombs do, they will damage Matt and his vehicle if he’s too close to the explosion.

The remainder of the game consists of three more areas, Prehistoric, Far Future, and VENOM Base each of which have two abducted agents to rescue.


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