Minotaur is a maze game played from a first person perspective. It is based on the Greek myth where King Minos sent a group of young Athenians to be fed by the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of Crete. The player’s task is to enter the labyrinth, save as many men as possible and then escape before getting killed. The player has to reach the men before the minotaur or else they will die. The labyrinth is randomly generated at start up and it’s possible for the player to enter its size.

While moving around the labyrinth the player will come across various items that can be picked up. Most common are the food cans and the bottles which are necessary to avoid thirst or starvation. There are also compasses and pieces of a map that make it easier to find a way through the labyrinth. To be able to kill the minotaur, the player first has to find a sword and will then kill it automatically upon contact. If not in possession of a sword the player can press the spacebar to quickly run away from the minotaur. It will however cause all collected items to disappear.


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