Amstrad CPC

Princess Lalena has been kidnapped by the Dark Lord and it is your task to rescue her over four levels in this flick-screen platform game. You are armed with a sword and you must traverse each screen while avoiding or killing various creatures who when touched will drain your energy. When your energy is gone it is game over. As well as creatures there are certain obstacles that need avoiding like water which will also drain your energy. To complete a level you must have three pieces of a Moontorc to give to trollmen guarding the end of the level.

As you progress over a level you will encounter chests containing gold and coloured doors which require the correct coloured key to be found to open it. You will also come across shops and inside you can buy various items to help you on your quest. Each shop will stock certain items and the items that can be brought by the gold found in the chests are pieces of Moontorc, keys, food for energy, spells, shields and axes. You have a knapsack which allows you to carry four items and pieces of the Moontorc. Below the main playing area is a bar that shows the various items you have and can have and if you press the space bar you can move from item to item to select them.


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