Mr Doo

Mr Doo is a variant of the arcade game Mr. Do! which makes some changes to the original design. The player controls a wizard who has to collect cherries and avoid various monsters. Unlike the arcade game the monsters do not chase the player but move in straight lines and only change direction upon reaching a block. The monsters can be killed by throwing a bouncing magic ball or by making apples fall onto them. The magic balls does not recharge in the version but instead the player starts out with five of them. Other differences include that the apples can not be pushed and that there are no letter monsters. There are some special tiles that add puzzle solving elements to the game. There are electric cables which kill the player on contact, bombs that detonate when triggered and sliders which push the wizard across the screen.

The game can be customized and it is possible to turn off both the special tiles as well as the monsters and apples. There is also an option to play levels in normal, random or reversed order. In total the game contains 60 levels and a built-in editor can be used to modify them or to create new ones.


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