Amstrad CPC

You are a journalist for a paper called The Clarion and you have been sent by your editor to a drugs ring H.Q. in Columbia to rescue a friend who has been taken hostage by the Drug Baron after being caught investigating him. You also have been tasked to get the answer to 32 questions to make up a big scoop about the drugs ring and the Drugs Baron. You arrive on a beach outside the H.Q. where you are met by an agent of N.E.X.U.S., a government agency sent in to break the drugs ring from the inside. You can accept their help to get inside the building or you can ignore them but help will be needed from them later on in the game. Your priority is always to rescue your friend but the option whether you want to get the story or just escape is yours.

Scattered around the building and surrounding area are the answers to the 32 questions split into four parts and need collating together into sentences and sending them to your Editor. There are various terminals scattered around the building which are coloured coded, red, black or blue. The red terminals allow you to piece the sentences together, while the black terminal lets you send completed sentences back to the editor. The blue terminal gives you info on the various N.E.X.U.S. agents showing their different skills which can help you if you choose.

On your mission deeper into the building, you will come across goons where you can try to avoid them or fight them. At first you are unarmed so you have to fight them with your fighting skills and you have various moves to use but later on in your mission you can use various weapons to kill them. If you take to much damage from the goons and their weapons then you will black out and either wake up in hospital or a prison cell if captured. If you have co-operated with any agents then you will be rescued from the cells but keep ending up in the cells and you may be left there.

The joystick is used to control your hero and it is also used to bring up a function menu which allows you to greet people, get your score or use grenades as well as other functions. The game screen itself is split into various sections with the top box showing your hero and the surrounding area from the side with the screen scrolling from left to right when you move. Below the game screen is a box that shows any instructions or conversations you have with people, below that is a radar showing objects that you can’t see on the game screen. Other boxes show a portrait of a person in sight, who they belong to, direction of any objects and the last box shows the function menu, map or a preview of the next move from your hero.


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