Ninja Hayate

The story takes place in Japan, you play as Hayate, a young up and coming ninja warrior out to stop the evil of Lougi and his army of ghouls and goblins. You are out to avenge your father’s death as well as the emperor and rescue your girlfriend from the clutches of evil and bring an end to the terror visited upon your lands.

Some of the villains you face are Marco Killmore (a half man, half eagle samurai warrior), Zallen (a disgraced samurai warrior out to destroy Hayate), Vengor (a stone shiva-type character), Desfal (a medusa-like woman), Destroyer MPK (a possessed collection of samurai armor) and of course the evil samurai knight himself, Lougi.

To play the game you must press the corresponding buttons on the screen at a certain time, such as pressing left to go left or possibly to avoid a enemies weapon or pressing one of the regular buttons to draw your weapon and attack a certain enemy, much like Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace. There are three difficulty levels, each one giving you a certain amount of time to press the buttons, the hardest setting giving you the least amount of time.


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