Amstrad CPC

Once there was a time when men to demonstrate their courage and get to be named Knights of the King, they had to submit to the harshest tests. In a forgotten valley of Lower Saxony there was a village of warriors and peasants who paid homage to their old and venerable monarch, King ABDUL HONEICKAM GARGOY. Young aspiring Knights of His Majesty were selected in all the regions and towns, among those who excelled in the handling of the bow, the fight to body or the sword. However, the hardest of the sacrifices was reserved for only a select few. One by one they were subjected to the final rite, the rite of the Castle without a name. It consisted in being imprisoned in the nameless Castle, trying to survive the nightmarish world that existed within its walls and escape alive from it for what the fundamental issue was to find the door. Many young aspiring Knights tried the challenge, but the vast majority never managed to survive and were turned into ogres, under the powerful spells that the evil wizard NILREM reserved for the losers.


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