Open Season
PlayStation Portable

Open Season is based on the Sony Pictures Animation’s CG animated film of the same name. The plot of the game is to defeat Shaw, the evil hunter leader who wants to hunt all the animals in the forest. Controlling Boog, a 900-pound domesticated bear and Elliot, a crazy rejected deer, the player will need to help the four animal clans in different tasks in other to become friends with them and thus enabling him to continue the journey deeper into the forest.

Upon completing an area, and becoming friends with one of the animal clan, the player will then be able to use these animals and their interesting skills to defeat the hunters he encounters along the way. The squirrels will enable Boog to charge on the hunters, the ducks will provide protection to the player and can also be used as a missile, the skunks can be used as stinky flame-throwing devices and the beavers will stomp the ground to scare the hunters away.

Along the way, Boog will slowly gain confidence and remember his wild side thus enabling him to develop a new skill: The roar.


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