Paragliding Simulation
Amstrad CPC

Paragliding is a simulation of paragliding sports. The gameplay includes activities such as taking off, paragliding with air currents, avoiding the obstacles, and landing. The player can direct the paraplane left or right, accelerate, decelerate, and descend. The game starts with the training, where the player should get the skills to roam the real complex environments. Each training stage contains weighted places. The player should reach and land onto the place, collecting 100 points. Completing three stages of training flights, the player is awarded with a certification. Only after obtaining this certification, the player can choose a one of four sites such as the Alps (France), the Himalayas (Nepal), the Grand Canyon (the U.S.A.), or the Andes (Peru). In these locations, while the player is in the air, the score is increased, but it can be gained only on reaching a final destination after passing through checkpoints and avoiding different flying objects such as airplanes and deltaplanes. Top five scores are stored for each of these sites. Other platforms have their own specifics described in Paragliding.


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