Pig Out: Dine Like a Swine!

In this game, a bunch of little piggies run around in a gym-like maze trying to eat up all the goodies on the road. They must avoid an evil butcher and several big bad wolves chasing them. The game is similar to Pac-Man. Each time the butcher or the wolves get near, you can stun them by throwing cans and other projectiles at them. The graphics are cute.

Up to three people can play at once. The left player controls the blue pig, the middle player operates the red pig and the green pig is controlled by the right player.

The object of the game is for the player’s pig character to eat as much food and drink as many drinks as possible while avoiding big bad wolves, an evil butcher and other enemies. Up to five jars of jam must be collected before players can proceed to the next stage. Each stage has a different background such as apartment buildings, circuses, underground sewers, construction sites, fire stations, bookstores, fish-packing plants, factories, etc.


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