Pigs in Space
Commodore 64

Pigs in Space is a single-screen side view shooter inspired by the arcade game Pooyan where you have to move a pig in a basket, up or down, on the right of the screen to save your piggy friends. Space Wolves have arrived in a Intergalactic Space ship to attack you and your friends and you must shoot them all to stop them. The wolves appear from the top of the screen carried by balloons or heli-packs, and move down the screen towards the ground firing space dust at you. You must avoid the dust while shooting back with your pig lazer and if you are hit then you lose one of three lives.

If any wolf hits the ground then they move across it before moving up the right of the screen towards you and can’t be shot. Once twenty wolves have been killed then you can move the basket to the ground and walk across the ground to your waiting friend on the left of the screen. Atomic mortar bombs are dropped from the ship above and must be avoided or it is a loss of life. Once your friend has been rescued then it’s onto the next level and another friend to save.


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