Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection
PlayStation Portable

This compilation simulates eight classic pinball tables and two novelty games by Gottlieb. It spans a wide range of machines, from the primitive Play-Boy of 1932 (pinball sans flippers) up to the Caddyshack-inspired Tee’d Off of 1993 with its LED display and voice samples.

Every table is open for free play, with the exception of Play-Boy. In the course of playing each table, you can strive to achieve table-specific goals which unlock other features, like Tournament Mode or a novelty game like Xolten. For example, the goal given for Black Hole is to earn multiball mode and the lower playfield special.

Each table attempts to recreate the original game’s look and feel, from the artwork to the original sound effects. For full arcade effect you can see the scoreboard reflected on the table glass and hear arcade background noises, including sound effects from classic videogames like Galaga.

Each table also comes with instructions on the main features of the table and a smidgen of history. There are other historical artifacts, such as a still photo tour of the Gottlieb factory (a feature which must be unlocked).

The complete list of tables is: Play-Boy (1932), Ace High (1954), Central Park (1966), Big Shot (1973), Genie (1979), Black Hole (1981), Goin’ Nuts (1983), El Dorado City of Gold (1984), Victory (1987), and Tee’d Off (1993), Strikes N’ Spares (1995). It also includes two novelty machines, Love Meter and Xolten.


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