Prop Cycle

Three mystic lands have risen into the sky. Take flight aboard a whimsical bicycle flying machine and challenge the three floating lands. Master the Art of Flying and become the Savior of Solitar.

Within a certain time limit, you need to locate and pop (by flying through) the balloons scattered throughout each of the three stages. The balloons are typically placed in a formation that allows for efficient flight paths if you can figure them out. Most balloons are worth points, but some add time to the clock.

You can either try the Time Attack (where you try for maximum score on a single stage) or play the Story Mode (and try to make it through all three lands).

In Time Attack, you will be rated based on how many balloons you pop. If you clear a Time Attack, you will receive bonus points based on the time remaining. This is your key to high scores.

You receive less time in Story Mode and must learn the difficult flight paths that will lead you to the best balloons so you can pop them before time runs out. You must meet the quota to move on to the next land.


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