Puzzler Collection
Nintendo DS

Puzzler Collection is a collection of thousands of puzzles in four categories: Fitword, Crossword, Sudoku and Wordsearch. In Fitword, the words shown must be placed in a grid. In Crossword, clues are given and the player must input the word that matches the description. In Sudoku, numbers are placed in a grid in such a way that no duplicates occur horizontally and vertically. In Wordsearch, the words shown have to be crossed out in a grid of letters.

There are several game modes and difficulty levels to choose from. The Nintendo DS is held like a book during gameplay, and the player can either play lefthanded or righthanded (which determines on which side the player holds the Touch Screen).

The game has five game modes which include:
Simply Puzzle, this lets the player pick any type of puzzle for a quick challenge without keeping score.
Quick Blast, which offers a number of puzzles based on the amount of time the player has. This can be set to show up daily, for instance for a daily bus trip.
Fast & Fun, which adds a timer to increase pressure on the player.
Head to Head, a two-player challenge.
Tournament, in which the player solves a series of puzzles increasing in difficulty from Easy to Pro.
In the European version, all puzzles are localized.


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