A Repton type maze game.

The game is set in the future on the freighter Pysanki, which is on a fossil egg collection expedition (if you can imagine such a thing). However something has gone wrong and you have been sent in to clear the decks of the freighter.

A deck is cleared when a certain number of points has been obtained. This is achieved by collecting certain eggs and also by killing the various nasties who inhabit the them. When the points total is reached the level is then complete and you can move onto the next one. There are eight levels; they start off relatively easy and get more difficult as the game goes on.

There are plenty of obstacles and hazards on each deck. Some of these are useful and you need to find them, others can harm you or are just generally irritating. Some of the objects worth looking out for are Ammo racks (extra rockets), Nutrient (extra life) and a portal which gives instant level completion. A map feature is included for when you are trying to plan a route through the level.

Obstacles on the levels to help hinder your progress include sliding doors, some open easily, others do not. Containers in different colours which can be useful or useless. By trial and error you will find out with ones to avoid. Also watch out for the slime which will kill you on contact.


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