Rave Racer

Rave Racer (レイブレーサー Reibu Rēsā?) is an arcade racing game that was released by Namco on 16 July 1995; it runs on Namco System 22 hardware, and could be played by two people per cabinet for up to eight players total when up to four of them were linked together.[3] It is the third (and last, until Ridge Racer V: Arcade Battle in 2000) arcade title in the Ridge Racer series and the follow-up to Ridge Racer and Ridge Racer 2 – and it added three new tracks to the original one, twelve new songs to the original five, force feedback steering and improved car and racetrack graphics.[4] The way the tracks were designed also allowed multiple routes to be chosen around the courses, but some of them took more time than others to complete a full lap of the track.

A Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT version was originally under development for the PowerVR graphics processor,[5] but was cancelled, thus no games in the Ridge Racer series were released for Windows until Unbounded.


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