Red L.E.D.
Amstrad CPC

Earth’s resources are running out so we need a new power source. The only way this can be achieved is by linking The Cosmic Interlace Grid. 37 hexagons make up this grid and to get power there has to be a continuous line from one side to the other. To liberate a hexagon to make your line across with three ZMX all-purpose robots. They have one hour real-time to achieve this task. The robots have to navigate the landscape and collect four pods. Once collected a teleport is created. When the robot is teleported, the hexagon has been liberated.

There are three types of robot to choose from. Fang doesn’t like acid pools but is immune to gravity and stays on slopes. The flat round hover robot likes acid pools but hates slopes. The last robot, a standard issue one hates gravity and acid.

There are lots of enemies to avoid and shoot, these are produced by generators so try to destroy these robot makers. The hexagons do provide power-ups for you to help in your task.

The game is viewed from a 3-D isometric view. The robot is controlled by the joystick and can fire lasers. Before you start a hexagon, a map of the grid is shown. Here you can plan your route from side to side. Be careful though, if you fail a hexagon it can’t be attempted again so plan that route carefully.


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