Rhyme Rider Kerorican
Wonderswan Color

You play as the rhyme rider Kerorican, a vivacious space girl with a large frog helmet, as she skips to the music through the games four stages. The games music is largely comprised of jazzy techno pieces.

Kerorican skips down a set line while randomly placed enemies and obstacles appear before her. Various button combos will avoid certain obstacles, although a “one-button” easy mode is available. When you avoid an obstacle a note will sound, clearing long chains of obstacles will result in funky melodies popping up inside the song that is playing. This gameplay is reminiscent of the studios earlier game Vib Ribbon.

Some of the obstacles are interactive, such as a rocket one can jump on and ride a short distance, others can merely be kicked out of the way or jumped over.

Occasionally a crown will appear over an obstacle, if you successfully clear it you will briefly soar over the stage avoiding anything that might have been in your path. This is especially common before obstacles that might require outlandish button combos.


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